Residential Pressure Washing Services

Our team is well equipped to deal with any residential power washing needs you may have. Let us take care of your home’s exterior and restore it to it’s former glory!

Keep Your Home Looking Great!

Driveways and Patios

Sidewalks, garages, and driveways can become very dirty over time. Tire tracks, oil, and other fluids can leave deep, unsightly stains which can be very hard to get out. Our hot wash process is the solution to this problem.

Walls and Roofs

The walls and roof of your home can become dirty from dust created by our high winds, mildew, and black streaks of harmful algae. Our gentle soft washing service safely eliminates bacteria and mildew growth and lifts stains. Take action to clean and protect your walls and roof now before permanent damage occurs.

Privacy Walls and Fencing

Whether you have cement block walls or customized fencing around your home, they as well as any landscape pavers are all subject to the harsh elements, such as efflorescence and calcium buildup, that can cause them to lose their luster over time. We’ll get them looking new again and our professional sealing services will keep them looking great for a long time!

Solar Panels

Solar panels can get very dirty over time causing reduced functionality and even damage. Our soft wash process thoroughly cleans and restores your panels and even works to ensure you get your full warranty benefits through proper care!

Algae, Mildew, Mold, Rust, and More!

Parts of your home covered in the shade and places near water sources are subject to algae and mildew growth as well as rust and mineral stain. Our specially formulated cleaning solutions will attack and solve these problems and extend the life of the affected areas.

Why Pressure Wash Your Home?

A thorough and professional power washing / pressure washing of your home can add thousands of dollars worth of value prior to selling your home!

“Curb appeal sells 49% of all houses.” – NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS”

“A good first appearance of a home can add 5% to 10% to the value of the home.” – JOHN AUST, PRESIDENT, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS

It’s true you only get one chance to make a first impression when showing a home. The best way to improve your odds for a fast sale in the market is to make sure your presentation is perfect. Pressure washing your home not only brings curb appeal, but it also adds value to the final sale price of your home! Curb appeal matters because it has a huge impact on the resale potential of your home.

Taking the time to pressure wash your home can also help increase the number of prospective buyers! If you drove by a home for sale that had dirty siding, an algae covered sidewalk, and a mud-caked fence, would you stop and tour the open house? Probably not. However, a home that looks like it has fresh paint, a clean driveway, and well-maintained fencing will draw in more traffic.

Bottom line – A good, thorough, professional pressure washing / power washing of your home before you sell it will add thousands of dollars of value and emphasize its curb appeal and well-maintained appearance helping you to sell your home faster!

Clark County Clean strives to provide the best customer service and results throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We accomplish this by being true specialists when it comes to pressure washing and power washing.

Our specialized equipment helps us in achieving our goals. We use state of the art, high powered equipment that have the ability to spray water at over 3800 PSI! In addition, our equipment uses both hot and cold water to drastically increase the number of different cleaning jobs we can accomplish. Our unique water reclamation process lets us capture the surface water we use in to order recycle and reuse.

Aside from specialized equipment, our team members are the best in Vegas. We specialize in pressure washing and power washing, and come with the know-how necessary to ensure a proper clean – no matter the material or surface.  From using hot water to remove oil, gum, and rust from surfaces more efficiently, to soft washing solar panels to maintain the warranty, we can do it all!

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