Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Clark County Clean is very experienced in the commercial sector of Las Vegas. Our results speak for themselves. Let us handle your power washing needs! 

The Quality Clean Your Business Deserves

Walkways and Entrances

Your business’s entrance and walkways are the first impression a customer gets of how much you value cleanliness. Grease, gum, and oil stains all make for a poor customer experience. We’ll ensure your walkways and entrances look like new!

Parking Lots

Parking lots get a lot of traffic and leaky cars. Oil, gum, paint spills, and lots of other things can create an unsightly parking space. Our specialized power washing equipment will restore the look of your parking lots!

Drive Thrus

Drive thrus are another high traffic and abused area. As with parking lots, oil spills, gum, and other chemical stains can diminish the look of your drive thrus. We’ll have them cleaned up in no time!

Graffiti Removal

Many businesses are subject to vandalism and graffiti and it can be very hard to remove it. Our pressure washers cut through tough paint and graffiti marks and our professional sealing services work hard to keep graffiti from sticking anymore, dissuading future acts of vandalism.

Clark County Clean strives to provide the best customer service and results throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We accomplish this by being true specialists when it comes to pressure washing and power washing.

Our specialized equipment helps us in achieving our goals. We use state of the art, high powered equipment that have the ability to spray water at over 3800 PSI! In addition, our equipment uses both hot and cold water to drastically increase the number of different cleaning jobs we can accomplish. Our unique water reclamation process lets us capture the surface water we use in order to recycle and reuse.

Aside from specialized equipment, our team members are the best in Vegas. We specialize in pressure washing and power washing, and come with the know-how necessary to ensure a proper clean – no matter the material or surface.  From using hot water to remove oil, gum, and rust from surfaces more efficiently, to soft washing solar panels to maintain the warranty, we can do it all!

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