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Clark County Clean is committed to providing the best service in the Las Vegas area. Our state of the art equipment ensures you’ll get the results you deserve!

Eco-Friendly Process

In an area like Las Vegas, being water conscious is hugely important and something we place a lot of value on. Most of the water other power washing companies use ends up in the storm drain and wasted. Our state of the art Water-Reclamation process allows us to capture the water we use so we can recycle and reuse it again and again! That’s why we are proud to practice and support the “Only Rain in the Storm Drain!” initiative.

Hot & Cold

Having the option to utilize either hot or cold water application, we can address a wide variety of cleaning challenges.

Field Technicians

All our field technicians receive rigorous training on both cleaning solutions and application processes to deliver the “WOW” factor.

Problem Solving

We provide solutions to your exterior surface conditions to enhance the curb appeal and beauty of your property.

Sealing Professionals

Take the extra step and increase the longevity and resilience of your surfaces.

The Soft Wash Difference

Traditional pressure washing uses a high-water volume mixed with cleansers to create a pressurized stream of cleansing water. When done by an experienced professional, this is an effective way to clean a multitude of exterior surfaces, such as concrete driveways, stucco, tile roofing, and paver stones. However, pressure washing and power washing at such high PSI can easily damage or even destroy certain surfaces, like roof shingles/roofing materials along with exterior housing materials.

So, what’s the solution for cleaning your home or business’s dirty exteriors?

Clark County Cleans soft wash process. Our specialized detergents and specially formulated, environmentally friendly cleaning products do the dirty work for you which allows us to apply only a low-pressure “soft wash” of water. This process is more effective at removing dirt and debris than traditional pressure washing or power washing and is completely safe for your home or business’s exterior.


Providing exceptional results and a great customer experience are the most important things to us. Our experienced team always provides professional service thanks to our state of the art pressure washing and sealing equipment that helps us to deliver the best results in the industry. We strive to leave you wowed by the results and can’t wait to help you out!

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Our Services

Clark County Clean is a professional, results-oriented and customer-first power washing company. We provide the highest quality pressure washing, power wash, and sealing services in the Las Vegas area, all while offering the best customer service and care in the industry.

Our professional, friendly team is equipped to offer a range of services, from total home power washing and roof cleaning to concrete cleaning and sealing. Whatever service you need, we strive to deliver professional results that ensure your complete satisfaction. Let us restore your exterior surfaces to their former glory and better.


Let us maintain the safety and cleanliness of your commercial properties with our professional cleaning services.


We help you protect and maintain your home’s exterior – from decks to solar panel cleaning to floor sealing, and more!

Professional Sealing

Protect your property against graffiti, grease, rust, mineral stains, and more with our professional sealers.

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